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Protecting intellectual property and sensitive information is a top security concern for any businesses today. Employees must share documents and files with colleagues, customers, vendors and partners on a daily basis, and frequently those items contain confidential information.

File encryption helps to secure that information, minimizing the risk of access by unauthorized users or misuse. The BIOWRAP® file encryption solution goes much further by providing a turn-key solution to effectively secure, manage and track (in real-time) information both inside and outside the organization. 

BIOWRAP® file encryption is easy-to-use software that allows users to encrypt any electronic information, designate retention rights and specify precisely who is authorized to gain access.

A central web management console allows users to easily generate customized forensic auditing reports and manage retention rights.

  • Strong security complies with regulations including Sarbanes Oxley, GLB Act, HIPAA Hitech, and FTC Red Flag Rules.
  • BIOWRAP® file encryption is simple to use and requires minimal user training. 
  • No extensive and costly IT implementation, simply register for your People not Passwords™ certified identity and download the encryption software.
  • BIOWRAP® uses unbreakable 256-bit AES encryption to ensure that sensitive electronic information is completely private and secure.
  • All information is not created equally and therefore requires various levels of access control. BIOWRAP® allows a user to define a range of confidentiality access rights from personal access only, biometric access, company only, Security Code to public access. 
  • BIOWRAP® encrypted files remain protected wherever they reside or however they are delivered. 
  • Create detailed forensic auditing reports.  Email notifications can be set per file to track in real-time all access activity, including unsuccessful attempts.
  • File retention management options provide real-time functionality to change the lifespan of an active file, expire an active file (prevent future access), and also reactivate expired files.
  • People not Passwords™ authentication to create certified information.
  • Access to BIOWRAP® encrypted files is free and does not require software to be installed.  (visit


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