The BIOWRAP® solution addresses the lack of confidence and accountability associated with the exchange and management of electronic information. 


BIOWRAP nominated for TechAmerica's 14th annual Abacus Awards.


Nation Technologies has released the BIOWRAP™ System that utilizes advanced fingerprint authentication technology to bring security back to business to business transactions.


Nation Technologies, LLC announces the Winter/Spring BIOWRAP Registrar Seminar series in selected cities in North America.


Nation Technologies, LLC announces the Winter/Spring series of BIOWRAP™ Appraiser Enrollment Events


AmeriBid announced today they have chosen to enroll all of their employees on BIOWRAP™ as a cost effective management tool for corporate intellectual property. The use of this software allows AmeriBid to operate with the highest level of assurances that files created by every employee are authentic, secure and have true audit capability, making these files truly authentic AmeriBid files. AmeriBid employees can create verifiably secure, authenticated and accountable electronic files by entering a username, password and a fingerprint.


As JVI continues to grow our appraisal business in both the REO and origination space, we are constantly looking for value-added differentiators to position our appraisal network and process apart from all others. With current market forces dramatically impacting the appraisal process, a call is being made for an appraisal report process that offers more security, higher authentication and accountability.


NATION Technologies, LLC. (NATION) today announced their nomination as IT Leader of the Year by ITFlorida, an umbrella organization for the state of Florida, comprised of both public and private technology leaders; and advocates for sound public policy to the Governor, the Legislature and Enterprise Florida on technology issues and initiatives.


NATION Technologies, LLC. (NATION) today announced the official launch of its BIOWRAP System, the most advanced file security and authentication solution, via their website, www.nationtechnologies.com. BIOWRAP serves to bring back the personal touch to authentication through the use of a proprietary sequence of biometric technology (fingerprints).

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